Who we've worked with


AlumnAI Academy -

Born to create a wealth of education in areas such as data science, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Alumna academy strives to create the next generation of computer software experts.


Zenith AI Formalised -

After securing further funding, and expanding our brand awareness and footprint, Zenith AI formalised its industry focus as a specialists in Artificial Intelligence and Business strategy, helping organisations better understand and leverage their data to drive improved revenues, reduce costs and enhance customer experience.


Finchatbot -

FinchatBot, is a chatbot service aimed at creating seamless engagement with its customers within the financial industry. Creating engaging customer experiences and reducing operation costs through the use of AI-powered virtual assistants.


PersonaTech -

Founded by experts in customer engagement, PersonaTech is a personalised video marketing solution used to engage with customers on a personal scale, primarily working in the financial service, OEM and telecommunications sector. 


Sisekelo Sustainability Institute -

Founded by leaders in skills development in Sojuth Africa, Sisekelo is a provider of premium skills development programs aimed at advancing employee development and filling skills gaps related to data science, blockchain, and IoT.


Zenith AI Lab Established

The Zenith AI lab is an internal team of leading data scientists and machine learning researchers. Our R&D team serves as a Centre of Excellence, focusing on catalyzing industry relevant AI research and developing pragmatic solutions that drive the adoption of transformative AI solutions within Africa


Cowa-bunga -

Our relationship with Cowa-Bunga allows us to create seamless logistics and procurement strategies for businesses transporting goods, looking to optimize routes, operation costs and customer satisfaction

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