AI & Data Strategy:

Our strategy arm deals with business level challenges that enterprises face as they transition into a new technological era. Artificial Intelligence presents a paradigm shift relative to traditional business models. We help our clients navigate the complex world of machine learning to develop coherent and comprehensive strategies to allow business to not only understand the value presented by cognitive solutions but map out practical roadmaps going forward.

AI Readiness Assessments -

evaluating where your business stands from a technical, strategic, cultural and operational point of view, and understanding the ease with which AI technologies can be integrated into your current environment. We assess data infrastructure, conduct technical audits, evaluate the current business strategy and audit the skills landscape to understand how AI-ready core members of your team are.

Analytics & AI Adoption Strategy –

Once we understand the landscape in which we are operating, taking into consideration all factors, we work with your team to craft out tailored AI adoption strategies to ensure your machine learning efforts are effectively integrated to deliver maximum value for your business.

Business Model Augmentation Strategy –

How is your current business model impacted by the application of artificial intelligence. Is there a substantial shift in the way customers interact with the business or critical changes in core business processes or the operational back-end that require some level of change management. We evaluate the shifts in an organizations operating model as a result of AI and put in place the relevant structures to ensure change management is carried out as smoothly as possible.

Data Engineering:

Our data engineering team focuses on ensuring that our enterprise clients’ data pipelines and storage facilities are well maintained and designed based on best-practice methodologies. This spans from data aggregation and curation to data readiness with regard to AI applications. We tailor data engineering solutions across Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, working with various database technologies and pipeline tools to ensure data hungry enterprise analytics and machine learning solutions are always well fed.

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform


Analytics & Business Intelligence:

Our BI and Analytics team provide high quality data analytics and business intelligence solutions, utilizing leading BI solution providers an big data platforms to deliver tailored business insight. We offer automated BI solutions on the following platforms:

Microsoft Power BI



Google Data Studio

Machine Learning:

We specialized in the development of sustainable production-grade machine learning solutions that work harmoniously with business to deliver transformative value. Our services span from experimental PoC’s to help businesses understand the value offered by the technology through low-risk engagement models, to end-to-end enterprise data engineering and machine learning solutions that operate at a production level within enterprise organizations.

Some of our products include:

Geospatial Analytics

Risk Analytics

Vision Systems

Market Segmentation & Basket Analyses

Fraud & Anomaly Detection

Social Media Network Analysis

Churn Models (Retention Optimization)

ML based Demand Prediction

AI Rendered Personalized Videos (Partnered with Persona Technologies)

Natural Language Processing Systems & Sentiment Analytics

Recommendation Engines (Hyper-personalized Customer Experience)

Call Centre Uptake Propensity Models (Sales Catalyst)

HR Analytics (Employee Attrition Detection, Skills Development Rec. Engine)

AI Skills Development:

Our approach to consulting differs from most in that we always offer skills development parallel to our consulting services to ensure the companies we assist grow their internal talent to further catalyze the adoption of AI. The democratization of Artificial Intelligence across Africa is rooted in the development of the skills needed to carry the technology forward, embedding it in the DNA of organizations and startups alike. We have partnered with Sisekelo, an innovative skills development provider to provide our clients with the latest in data science and analytics training. This allows us to ensure that not only do we develop leading edge solutions that push the boundaries of competitive advantage, we also ensure that we develop the existing talent within organizations to foster a data-driven culture and spur transformative innovation.

Afrocentric AI Enabler